Success Skills

That Change Everything.

While many of us were taught the importance of traditional skills for success like self-discipline, perseverance, time management, etc., there are a handful of skills required for life happiness that many of us never learned. That changes now as these life coaches and spiritual teachers share the ins and outs of ten essential abilities, including:

  • How to say no
  • How to accept rejection
  • How to know what you want
  • How to hear inner guidance
  • How to prioritize joy
  • How to put yourself first
  • How to give up

… and more. In 10 Life Skills (Never Taught But Totally Essential For Happy Living), you’ll learn ten uncommon habits that help close the gap on happiness.

Meet the book contributors who share their expertise to help you master these essential skills:

Melanie Bates

Melanie is a Book Shaman and Story Shape shifter. Find her at

Lisa Hayes

Lisa is the Love Whisperer who helps people find the love they want at

Jeannette Maw

Jeannette is the Good Vibe Coach here to inspire conscious creators at Good Vibe Blog.

Joy Zalzala-Soyka

Joy is an international coach and LGBT expert transforming lives at Sandstep Coaching.

Janette Dalgliesh

Janette uses science and spirit to help people work out what they want, and how to get it. Learn more at Identity Shift Ninja.

Anne Bolender

Anne is the Clarity Alchemist helping people connect with their inner wisdom and clarity at

Frank Butterfield

Frank is a master channel facilitating big shifts through his work at Communion of Light.

Lisa Cavallaro

Lisa is a coach and author of No More Drama – How To Make Peace With Your Defiant Kid. Find her at

Ginny Gane

Ginny is a Law of Attraction expert for people who crave more out of life at

Cassie Parks

Cassie is a Money Maven and LOA Lifestyle Designer at Live Your Champagne Life.

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